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NEHAR SOIL RECHARGE is a combination of bio-fertilizers and biocontrol agents based on the selective strains of nutrient solubilizing and disease managing beneficial microbes such as Trichoderma harzianum, viridae, Pseudomonas fluorescens, subtilis, megaterium, Bacillus pumilus, Pochonia chlamydosporium and Paecilomyces lilacinus encapsulated on plant growth promoting media. This is available in both granular and liquid formulations.

Dosage: 10 kg or 10L per acre
Shelf life: One Year
Packing: Granules available in4, 8, 16, 32 & 15 kg (bag or container)
Liquid: 1 and 5 l

Mode of Action
Trichodermasp is a fungus that is also used as a fungicide. It is used for foliar application, seed treatment and soil treatment for suppression of various disease causing fungal pathogens.
Pseudomonasspis an associative type of microorganism capable of colonizing root surface of plant. By establishing a symbiotic association, it helps in protecting the roots of some plant species against parasitic fungi such as Fusarium or the oomycete Pythium, as well as some phytophagous nematodes
Bacillussp: Bacillus strains has several beneficial attributes, which includebiocontrol, plant growth promotion, sulphur (S) oxidation and phosphorus (P) solubilization.
Pochonia chlamydosporium The nematophagous fungus  is one of the most studied biological control agents against plant parasitic nematodes of the genera GloboderaHeteroderaMeloidogyneNacobbus and, more recently, Rotylenchulus. Effectly controls the nematodes eggs, juvenils.
Paecilomyces lilacinusis a naturally occurring fungus found in many kinds of soils throughout the world. As a pesticide active ingredient, Paecilomyces lilacinus strain 251 is applied to soil to control nematodes that attack plant roots.


  • Itharnessessoil unavailable nutrient and makes it available directly to plant. It enhances root proliferation through release of growth promoting hormones.
  • The biocontrol agent prevents soil borne pathogens and also controls nematodes.
  • Ecofriendly


  • Soil recharge is a combination of bio-control agents used against the fungal pathogen, bacterial pathogen and soil nematodes
  • It contains nematophagous fungus, which acts as a biological control agent by parasitizing developing nematode juvenile (J2)
  • Microorganisms produce plant growth promoters and organic acids, which help in root growth and root improvement
  • Bacteria and fungi degrade and detoxify the substances hazardous to human health and environment by enzymatic reactions

Dose and Method of Application
Soil Application (5-10 kg/ acre): Enriched soil recharge and organic fertilizer or field soil mixed at he recommended rate has to be applied uniformly in the soil.
Enrichment process:
Prepare the solution of 1 l soil recharge in 200 l of water, add 1kg jaggery, 500 g bengal gram flour and 250 g of curd. Stir the solution and keep undisturbed for one week. The solution will be enriched with beneficial microflora & it can be used for soil application after dilutingat 1:4 proportion with water mixture (200 l + 800 l water)

Recommended crops


Method of Application

Cereals & Millets

Wheat, Rice, Barley, Maize, Corn (Sweet & Baby corn), Sorghum, Pearl Millets


Soil Application at any crop growth stages.
Note: Application of enriched soil recharge will yield better result

Legumes & pulses

Black Gram, Green Gram, Cowpea, Chickpea

Oil seeds

Groundnut and Soybean


French Bean, Cowpea, Lentils, Cluster Bean

Other Crops: Vegetables cole crops

Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli

Tuber Vegetables

Carrot, Beetroot, Potato


Brinjal, Capsicum, Guards, Melons, Gherkin and other Cucurbits

Tropical Tuber

Cassava, Sweet Potato

Fiber Crops

Cotton, Sisal

Herbs & Spices

Chilies, Cumin, Cardamom, Basil


Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon


Tea, Coffee, Cocoa Ornamental crops

Ornamental Seed & Seedlings

Carnation, Petunia, Geranium, Chrysanthemum, Roses and Lilies

Fruit and orchards

Grapes, Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry, Persian fruit


Mango, Citrus, Plums, Apple

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