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What is Nehar Ginger Rakshak?
Nehar Ginger Rakshak is a product of DSCiGN BIOSYS exclusively designed with a combination of major and micro nutrients for ginger. Apart from providing micronutrient, also increases yield and imparts resistance against fungal diseases in ginger

Dosage: 2l per acre
Shelf life: One Year
Package: 500 ml, 1 & 5 l

Mode of Action:
Systemic against resistance and kinase modulation



  • Unique combination of nutrient mixutures provide nutrition as well as protection against zinger rot

Benefits of Nehar Ginger Rakshak

  • Triggers the intrensic cellular defense mechanism and produces the defensive protein and metabolites against fungal and bacterial pathogens.
  • Manages ginger rot by postponing onset of fungal diseases like tuber rot, cracking of tuber and thus increases the yield and quality of the produce
  • Provides micro nutrient and overcomes nutrient dificiency

Application details
Soil drenching: 10 ml / l & 50 ml /plant depending on the age of the plant.
Foliar application: 5 ml / l
Time of application: Pre-monsoon, Post-monsoon and rhizome development stage.
Recommended crop
Zinger, Turmeric

What is Nehar Pome Champion?
Nehar Pome Champion is a mixture of essential elements designed for better growth, higher yield and to increase shelf life of fruit.

Dosage: 2kg per acre
Shelf life: One Year
Package: 1 kg

Mode of action:
Pomegranate plants require regular fertilization in order to assure their best performance in a commercial production system. Considering the wide variations in soil types and pH in India, foliar applications of the micronutrients (Mn, Zn and B) are a more effective, economical, and quicker way to supply these nutrients than soil application. Hence, Nehar pome champion designed comprising of Zinc (3 %), Iron (2 %), Manganese (1 %), Boron (0.5 %) in a balanced form to provide nutrition for pomegranate crop at different stages of the plant growth.

Unique combination of nutrient mixture specially made for the pomegranate plantation

Benefits of Nehar Pome Champion

  • Nehar Pome Champion provides micronutrient which helps in uptake of major and essential nutrients like NPK
  • It increases yield with enhanced fruit quality and also imparts drought tolerance.

Application details:


Dosage (g/l)

Time of application



Critical stages for the application of pome champion are

  • Immediately after the bahar treatment i.e., at flowering following the pruning operations
  • Fruit setting stage
  • 60 – 90 days at lemon size fruit stage
  • Fruits at fully developed stage (sweetness setting period)
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